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cross out the things you’ve done. 


Graduated high school. | Kissed someone.| Collected something really silly | Smoked a cigarette| Got so drunk you passed out. Rode every ride at an amusement park. | Gone to a rock concert. | Helped someone. | Gone fishing. | Watched four movies in one night. | Gone long periods of time without sleep. | Lied to someone. | Snorted cocaine. | Failed a class. | Smoked weed. | Dealt drugs. | Been in a car accident. | Been in a tornado. | Been to a funeral. | Burned yourself. | Ran a marathon. | Cried yourself to sleep. | Spent over $200 in one day. | Flown on a plane. | Cheated on someone. | Been cheated on.| Written a 10 page letter. | Gone skiing. | Been sailing. | Have a best friend. | Lost someone you loved. | Shoplifted something. | Been to jail. | Dangerously close to being in jail. | Skipped school. | Had detention. | Got in trouble for something you didn’t do. | Stolen books from the library. | Gone to a different country. | Dropped out of school. | Watched the “Harry Potter” movies. | Had an online diary. | Had a yard sale. | Had a lemonade stand. | Actually made money at the lemonade stand. | Been in a school play. | Been fired from a job. | Swam with dolphins. | Taken a lie detector test. | Voted for someone on a reality TV show. | Written poetry. | Read more than 20 books a year. | Gone to Europe. | Loved someone you shouldn’t have. | Used a coloring book over age 12. | Had surgery. | Had stitches. | Taken a taxi. | Seen the Washington Monument. | Had more than 5 IM’s/online conversations going at once. | Overdosed. | Been in a fist fight. | Gone surfing in California. | Had a hamster/guinea pig. | Pet a wild animal. | Used a credit card. | Did “spirit day” at school. | Dyed your hair. | Got a tattoo. | Got straight A’s. | Been on the Honor Roll. | Know someone with HIV or AIDS. | Made out with someone. | Played on a sports team| Snuck out of the house. | Swore at a teacher. Gone laser tagging| Had a romantic relationship| Been on the TV. | French braided| Skinny-dipped. | Driven a car.| Performed in front of an audience. | Gone bungee-jumping. | Been to Mexico. | Crashed a car. | Sky dived. | Been kissed in the rain. | Made an 11:11 wish. | Drank alcohol. | Forwarded a chain letter. | Made a mistake.



A box of baby bengals

"What? No, I’m sorry, I ordered half a dozen mini bagels —”"Shut up, we’re keeping them."



A box of baby bengals

"What? No, I’m sorry, I ordered half a dozen mini bagels —”
"Shut up, we’re keeping them."



I live for compliments

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The Haunted House with taterforlife!    


Fluttershy tried to support Spot Light, the stallion moaning, “Just get out!  I can’t have a customer risk their lives for my sorry back.”  Spot Light winced as his hoof slipped, having to catch himself, pain shooting up his for foreleg. “I’m definitely not leaving you!”  Fluttershy began to worry about Discord, but wouldn’t somepony have gone up to check the attic?

Fluttershy gasped, “What was that?!”  The house began to creak and moan, Fluttershy’s head whipping around as she tried to find something, anything that could help.

Stage Curtain raised a brow at Discord’s new gadget, “FlutterFinder?”  Her eyes widened, “That was the mare that was with you wasn’t it?”  Stage Curtain turned around, “HEY! THERE’S A MARE STILL IN THE HOUSE!”  Stage Curtain yelled, police ponies and fire ponies whipping their heads around.

The Flutterfinder pointed a clear arrow straight to the house, and a band of fire and police ponies quickly gathered around Discord ready to find this mare, until a loud groan and tremble shook the house, Stage Curtain whispering a soft, “Oh please dear Celestia don’t-”  The house’s roof started to cave in, the sides buckled and the floors went one-by-one.  Stage Curtain putting a hoof to her mouth, “Oh heavens.”  She choked, tears starting to fill her eyes.

The police ponies and fire ponies stormed the rubble, each digging desperately, some shouting and trying to hear a voice, while others were shouting orders and demanding more ponies on the scene.  Silver Script cried, “That was the Haunted House I grew up with.”  And other actors began to cry to, until Stage Curtain screamed, “THERE WAS A MARE IN THE HOUSE!”  Actors’ faces going from grief to shock in less than a second, a few jumping in to dig for said mare.

Stage Curtain pointed at Discord, “He knows her!”  Ponies started flooding Discord from all sides,

"What does she look like?"

"Was she the yellow one with you?"

"Did I scare you two?  Would I know her face?"

"Where did you last see her?"  

Ponies after ponies began coming from all sides, Stage Curtain shocked at how many became concerned, “I haven’t seen Spot Light either!”

"Was he with her?"

"Spot Light’s smart, maybe he found a way out!"

"Don’t worry big guy, Spot Light would’ve-"

Police ponies digging in the rubble began shouting, “Clear!”  ”It’s clear over here too!”  ”I don’t see anything!”  ”There’s nothing over here!”  ”Clear down here too!”

Customers and actors alike began wilting and a few walked up to Discord and sat next to him, Stage Curtain looking up, crying, “I’m so sorry.  I should’ve let you look for her.  I’m so… I’m-”  She felt her throat choke up, a few ponies reassuring her but Stage Curtain snapped, “You would’ve let him search for her wouldn’t you!  I was selfish!  I was stupid!”

Suddenly a firemare shouted, “Hey!  HEY!  EVERYPONY SHUT UP!”  The customers and actors hushed as the firemare ledged a crowbar into an Iron Maiden.  A voice was heard inside, “Can anypony here us?!  HEY!  WE’RE IN THE IRON MAIDEN!  OI!”  ”That’s Spot Light!”  An actor yelled, ponies starting to crowd the scene.

Police ponies tried to push against the lock of the door, Spot Light’s voice loudly roaring, “I’M HURT AND I HAVE A MARE IN HERE WITH ME CAN YOU PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF CELESTIA-”  Ponies began yelling for the policeponies to throw their back into it, Stage Curtain turning to Discord, “You can get her right?!”

"Fluttershy, yes, that’s her! She’s still in the house!" he told her. "I have to go find her, now.”

He started to run towards the house when he found himself surrounded by police and fireponies, Stage Curtain running beside him. They both looked down to see the arrow pointing straight into the house as the ponies gathered until…

The house. It cracked…No, it groaned, as if it were a living entity itself taking it’s last breath before letting the heavens take it for all eternity. Discord’s heart felt like it dropped into his stomach. “No…!”

His fingers came together, pressing against each other and ready for a snap to teleport himself straight to where she was (which he would have done it earlier, but he didn’t want to risk landing in a spot that would further break the house down, but at that point it wouldn’t have mattered) when the house…



A piece of rock hit Discord’s arms, making him flinch and drop his FlutterFinder, breaking it to pieces, but that was the least of his worries, because…

Discord’s world went completely quiet despite the noise. His eyes were narrowed in on the now broken house, now nothing but a pile of rubble and scrapwood. He stood there, frozen, as if he were made of stone…Once a garden statue, it was like he was now a living statue, cold and silent, still and unaware of anything but what had just happened.

"Fluttershy…" he croaked, before he completely panicked, his hair on end and his eyes full of terror. "FLUTTERSHY!"

He bounded towards the rubble, one of the first to start digging. He used magic to lift up mounds of wood and plaster, brick and stone, piles of stuff no normal pony would ever be able to lift physically. “Fluttershy! Where are you?!? You—You have to be here somewhere, you can’t be…I-I need you, you have to be here, I—I won’t accept anything else…!”

He paid no attention to whatever Stage Curtain said, or the fact that she pointed. Suddenly ponies surrounded him again. “Get out of my—!” he started to threaten, enraged that they blocked him from removing more rubble to look for Fluttershy. But the ponies were too determined to help, and started bombarding him with questions.

"She’s a Pegasus, yes, she is the one I was with, how would I know if you would know her face? The last time I saw her she and I were in the attic! Now—"

Once again he was interrupted, somepony bringing up a pony named Spot Light. Discord didn’t know who the pony was or if he was even with Fluttershy, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was finding the mare he loved, even as one kind pony tried to calm him. “You can keep blabbing your mouths or you can MOVE OUT OF MY WAY SO I CAN FIND HER!”he roared, eyes blazing and forcing the ones in front of him (and yet somehow finding the decency to move the kind pony that had comforted him as gently as possible—the other ponies got shoved) out of his path so he could keep looking.

He began digging more desperately, using his magic to remove as much as possible. “Fluttershy!!! Where are you!!??!! SWEET CELESTIA, WHERE ARE YOU FLUTTERSHY?!? THIS…” Despite himself, tears started running down his eyes. “This isn’t funny…!”

And to make matters worse, the rubble started being cleared.

And still, nothing.

And every time a pony shouted “clear!”, he started breaking down, inside and out, more and more, his heart shattering into a mess.

"No…" He started shaking his head, as if doing that too would make it untrue. "No…No, she can’t be….She…She can’t…I…I need her! A-And she needs me, and we have plans, plans to be together for eternity, I-I got rid of my immortality just so I could die with her and our friends, but mostly for her, because she was my first friend, she reformed me, she was the first to really try to get to know me, even when I was still evil, and she…she…she looked past all of my horrible deeds and mannerisms to see the good in me, and she wrote me letters, and stayed my friend even when Celestia didn’t require it anymore! She always believes in me and she’s always there for me even when nopony else is, she trusted me and cared for me even when her friends told her not to, she stood up for me—me—even though I didn’t deserve it, and she still does all those things even after I betrayed her….”

He started crying harder, and he covered his eyes with paw and claw. “And I never deserved her and she disagrees because she’s got the biggest heart in the entire world. Nopony will ever be as gentle and caring and loving and kind as she is, she’s the kindest pony in the universe, so kind that she opened up to a monster like me, a horrible, evil traitor like I am, and even offered her heart to me, and of course I took it, I would have been an imbecile not to! But I only had it for a moment, I had it for one measly day, because I’m an absolute moron! But she can’t be gone, she can’t! She’s not allowed, she’s not allowed to go this early without me, what would I do without her?!?”

Hearing Stage Curtain choke up an apology, he grew into hysterics, his grief getting the best of him. He grabbed Stage Curtain by the shoulders, his eyes a blazing inferno. “Dont you talk like that, you hear me? D-Don’t speak like she’s gone already! SHE CAN’T BE GONE, YOU HEAR ME? SHE CAN’T, BECAUSE I LOVE HER! I LOVE HER, SO DON’T YOU DARE HAVE THE GALL TO TELL ME THAT THE MARE I LOVE IS GONE!!! DO YOU HEAR ME? SHE’S HERE, BUCK IT, SHE’S HERE AND WE’RE GOING TO FIND HER, AND I’M GOING TO APOLOGIZE AND NEVER LEAVE HER EVER AGAIN!”

He released her, panting and chest heaving. He breathed a few more times, watching Stage Curtain try to be comforted by the other ponies only to snap back at them that she was selfish. Discord only put a hand on her shoulder. “Sorry,” was all he could say for shouting, before he crumpled to the ground in a heap.

"Fluttershy…" He began to weep again, curled into a ball. "I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry, Fluttershy…I love you…"


Discord didn’t register the shouting as anything important, still mourning for his beloved on the ground. For all he knew, it was just another stupid actor trying to gain attention.


Discord’s head suddenly popped up. Hadn’t a pony mentioned him earlier, saying he had been missing as well…?


Discord jumped on two legs, eyes open and alert. “A mare?!?” he shouted. “He…HE HAS A MARE! IT…IT COULD BE FLUTTERSHY!”

He turned his eyes to a group of ponies messing with a big metal thing box thing. “I’ll get her or die trying!” he replied, and teleported over to them.

He snapped his fingers and the lock broke instantly. The door flew open…

It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.



when will they make water proof books so I can read in the shower or bath



what can be smooth but also rough ;)))))

endoplasmic reticulum

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"If it’s family, you protect. Doesn’t matter who it is, blood or not."

- Aveline (via dragon-age-quotes)


You would be surprised with how many people in your life could be going through depression at this very moment.  People hide it like a paper bag over their heads out of fear of being judged, made fun of, seen as weak, or just not taken seriously.  Depression should not be taken lightly, it holds us down from our purpose and potential in life.  Those who tell you that it doesn’t exist have never experienced depression in their life, therefore not understanding the symptoms and how it’s something that cannot be fixed in a day!  So if you think you are depressed or if you think you know someone else who is, please talk to a friend, a family member, or anyone else in your life that you trust - never overlook the possibility of seeing a doctor for more professional help!!  Your feelings are real, your feelings are shared upon millions.  Don’t hide it, talk to someone about it.  With the right help, you can rediscover your confidence and begin life anew with our undying love and support!

We are right here!!




I hope you enjoyed my storyboard assignment that was due today.