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First Date Rp with Taterforlife! 



Discord beamed. “Yes, you were quite determined. I thought you wouldn’t be able to deal with me, but my dear, you were brilliant." His guilt lightened when she told him she understood his longing for freedom back when he betrayed them. "I know. You always understand…My Fluttershy…” He said her name with all the love he could muster in his words, his voice warm and tender and even a little husky. He felt her hug him tighter, and he responded with the same tightness, the same affection. He never wanted to let her go. There was no other pony he wanted to be with like this. Here, with her in his arms, he was more happy than he had ever been in his entire life. He smiled when she told him she was okay, and wiped her diamond tears away.

Discord’s ears limped down towards his head as he saw the little chipmunk shiver, suddenly feeling guilty. He hadn’t meant to make her feel bad, he was just trying…Oh, why couldn’t this date just go the way he planned?

Discord stopped reprimanding himself as he watched Fluttershy calm her, and bent down to whisper in Teeny’s ear, giving her the answer. “Wait, wha…What are you telling her?!?” Discord tried saying, his ears back up and alert, his eyes wide open. “You…You actually have an answer to that? Wait, why are you telling her? Aren’t I kind of the other half of the question? Isn’t it? Fluttershy, gah, you’re not listening…” But he could help but smile a little. “She’s ignoring me on purpose, the little vixen…” he muttered, still smiling.

He smiled further when Teeny seemed to be reassured and crossed her heart to keep it secret, even though Discord really really REALLY wanted to know the answer. Discord then laid down for a moment, trying to put himself down at Teeny’s level, though it was kind of impossible since Discord was huge and Teeny was…well, teeny.  Teeny was a child, and children liked it when adults put them down at their height…

"I’m sorry, sweetheart. I didn’t mean to make you upset." He snapped his fingers and gave her the tiniest, smallest little bit chipmunk-friendly peanut-flavored fudge, one of Teeny’s favorite Discord-inspired treats. "Forgive me?"

Teeny nodded, and startled him by giving him a small kiss on the nose before delving into the treat and climbing onto Discord’s back again. Discord blushed, slowly getting back up. “She’s never done that before…Ah, Fluttershy, d-don’t give me that look, I’m the one that smirks here…” he stuttered, embarrassed but pleased.

Then Chuck started things up again with his question, and Discord began chuckling as the other two began gaining up on him and Chuck had to hide in Fluttershy’s hair. He watched Fluttershy blush (she was blushing—that was a good sign—-oh WHY couldn’t he have known what she told Teeny?!?), and he laughed again. “Oh, Chuck, I swear, sometimes I think you’d make a good sidekick for me! We’d make great chaos together!” he said. “Ah, calm down, Azure, Bernie. I think we’ve all argued enough tonight, hmm?” he said, glancing at Teeny, who smiled at him. Teeny then ran up to Discord’s ear and whispered in his ear. “I think you should hug her again. I think she really liked it.”

He looked at the chipmunk, and whispered back. “If she liked it, then why don’t you go ahead and tell me what she said, hmmm?” knowing perfectly well she wouldn’t tell him, and was proven correct when Teeny gave him a rueful smile and shook her head. He laughed. “Ah, good girl,” he praised Teeny, but then stretched his arm out and brought Fluttershy over to his side again, squeezing her against him. “She wasn’t alone in turning me back,” he said, looking at Chuck, who had seemed to make himself comfortable in her hair. “She, along with her best friends, turned me back into stone using the Elements of Harmony. They had to. At the time, I didn’t care for ponies enough to think about what my chaos could do to ponies, and I was causing delicious chaos everywhere. Not only that, but I had used my chaotic words to turn the ponies into their opposite selves, making them turn against their respective Elements…”

He then took Fluttershy away from his side, instead using his magic to bring her directly to his front and brought his arms around her, holding her against his torso. “Except this one, here. For her, I had to cheat. She was too tough for me. My words to get her to doubt her friends, to make her think she had to be unkind to them because they weren’t good friends—all blatant lies, mind you—didn’t work. And she was the only one I couldn’t get. The only one. The others were easy, but Fluttershy evaded me. I thought she would be the easiest one. I had heard much about her my first time as a statue, and I had heard many things—that she was shy, kind, good with animals, but not very confident in herself—and I thought I would barely have to say a word before getting her to turn to the dark side.”

He finally looked down to meet Fluttershy’s eyes. “How wrong I was…” He stroked her hair. “She was just as strong as Celestia and Luna that day, the only other two ponies that have ever managed to evade my powers. I had to force Fluttershy against her friends…” He gave Chuck a dramatic look. “Because she was too magnificent! Oh, it made me so angry, having to break my own rules, but when she and her friends turned me back to stone, let me tell you: I thought about Fluttershy for weeks on end! What was her secret? How had she evaded me? She was much stronger in character than I thought! I was obsessed. And then Celestia and Luna came by in the garden, and they stopped by my statue. It wasn’t the first time they’d done that—they probably just LOVED to stand there and look at my handsome visage—but they talked about the  very pony I’d been obsessing over. Apparently, Celestia and Lulu had seen everything from the Labyrinth. She kept an eye on them all so she could jump in in case I did anything more crazy than usual. Which was ridiculous, I never was a violent guy, but apparently good ol’ Tia didn’t think I was trustworthy, or something crazy like that…” He chuckled at his own joke and then stroked Fluttershy again. “They had seen Fluttershy resist me, and they talked of how Fluttershy was the one. Yes, they literally said she was ‘the one’ they had been waiting for—the one to reform me.” He stroked Fluttershy’s velvety ear, smiling down at her. “And so, Fluttershy and her friends released me from my stone prison—and I was determined to duel with Miss Shy here once more.”

Fluttershy wasn’t paying attention as she made sure to get every word right to Teeny, and smiled warmly at Teeny so she would understand she wasn’t in trouble.  Hearing Discord’s whining Fluttershy nearly laughed, but was moved when seeing Discord’s form slump to meet Teeny’s gaze, and have him apologize to the chipmunk.  Fluttershy could’ve hugged him, she was so proud of how far he’d come!  Her small smirk made Discord nervous, and Fluttershy giggled while looking down at the ground.

Chuck dived for Fluttershy’s hair after Azure and Bernie began reprimanding at him, Fluttershy giggling and nuzzling Chuck with her cheek.  She continued walking as Discord talked with the birds, but suddenly he began whispering.  Fluttershy began to wonder what he was saying, but he had quickly stopped before she could make sense of a sound.  Fluttershy let out a loud gasp at feeling Discord squeeze her to his side, and leaned against Discord’s arm as he clearly explained what happened.

Fluttershy relaxed completely as she listened to his musical voice, and leaned against his warm fur.  Letting a loud gasp that nearly became a scream, Fluttershy suddenly felt Discord’s arms wrapped around her, and quickly pressed against him as her heart calmed down.  She didn’t mind his sudden use of magic, but sometimes it would catch her terribly off-guard.  ”There’s something nice about that though…”  Fluttershy thought with a smile.  ”Like a surprise party…”  She giggled at the thought.

Fluttershy blushed as she heard Discord’s string of compliments and slowly looked up to meet his eyes.  They were like golden candles- Fluttershy’s thought was cut-off as she felt his claw run through her hair, her head tilting to meet his claw, a soft sigh leaving her lips as all thoughts were erased.  Her ears pressed back as her eyes fluttered at the touch, and she listened quietly to Discord’s praises.  ”I-I wasn’t magnificent…”  Fluttershy blushed.  ”I just… I didn’t…”  Fluttershy wasn’t sure what made it easy to resist Discord’s cruel words in the labyrinth, it just was.  ”I don’t know.”  Fluttershy looked down nervously, hair falling infront of her face.

Fluttershy was surprised to hear that Discord was thinking of her the second time he was turned to stone, ears perking up in surprise, but quickly laid back at Discord’s words referring to her as “the one”.  Fluttershy blushed, looking away.  Fluttershy nearly jumped at Discord’s touch, but instead leaned her head to his touch as he began to stroke her ear.  ”Th-That feels nice…”  Fluttershy sighed, then quickly blushed and broke away as she added, “Th-Thank you.”  Fluttershy didn’t want Discord to stop, but was embarrassed at her words…

Discord smirked to himself after grabbing Fluttershy and pulling her against him. First she was leaning against him (which was a gift from above, he swore it so), and then she nearly screamed when he used his magic, only to giggle once she figured out what he wanted…Such chaotic and contrasting emotions, he thought as he felt her relax and share her warmth with him. What he wouldn’t do to hear her thoughts…thought secretly he actually could have his chaotic powers do that for him, but he never did…It took the surprise out of everything! When he was a ‘villian’, most guys would have used that kind of thing, but not him. He liked to be surprised.

Not to mention, he would never invade Fluttershy’s—or any of his friends’, for that matter—mind….Especially not hers. He respected her too much, he cared too much to do such a thing. She was precious, and besides, he didn’t want to have to read her thoughts—he wanted her to trust him and share them herself.

He saw Fluttershy look into his eyes, as she seemed to be contemplating them. Maybe he had something in his eye? He didn’t feel anything. But she didn’t look long, so it must’ve gone away.

His heart jumped as she seemed to really enjoy his touch—the slow, gentle way he brushed his claw through her hair, tumbling down from what used to be a bun. But it wasn’t messy as it tumbled down, but soft and smooth and silky, as it always was. Sweet Celestia, he loved her hair. It was long and smooth and simple but it wasn’t simple at the same time. He tried to hide the jolt that went down his spine at the sound of her sigh. He swore he shivered, and wondered if it made him look weird or creepy. He certainly hoped not, but it wasn’t his fault that Fluttershy was just so—

"Ah, you think too little of yourself, my dear," he said, now using both paw and claw to play with her hair. "Just the fact that you didn’t even have to try to fight me—that you didn’t even know you were up against me—makes you magnificent. It’s practically the very essence of the word! Besides, magnificent ponies never know how magnificent they really are—that’s Miss Trixie’s downfall, you see. And in a way, it was mine as well. You’ve shown me humility is really the way to go. What do you think guys?” He looked to the three birds. “Isn’t she magnificently magnificent?” He looked to Teeny too. “Teeny?”

They all practically raved their agreement.

"See?" he said, raising a brow at her. "Magnificent."

Discord laughed at Fluttershy’s conflicting emotions again, perking up at mentioning his thoughts of her in the statue (that’s right, I never told her that, did I? he thought), and then blushing at calling her ‘the one’. He shrugged to himself. Ponies were always shy when it came to such grand prophecies.

He felt her lean into his hand as he stroked her ear, and smiled warmly at her when she thanked him, the grin only growing wider as she said it felt nice. But she seemed…nervous of something, and Discord furrowed his brows. “Well, you’re welcome, of course, my dear….” He looked at her hair. “Now, if you could please turn around for a moment.” A look of hard concentration set on his face. “I’m doing something with these lovely tresses of yours…” he said, as he started twisting and winding her hair, sometimes taking a break to stroke her ear again.

He turned to their animal friends. “Listen, gentlebirds, Lady Teeny,” he said to them. “I know you want to know the rest, but time is of the essence.” He heard Chuck groan. “Chuck, come now. I gave you all a job to do, and you promised to help me. Once the job’s done and I take Fluttershy there, I’ll happily tell you the rest later tonight, and the next time I visit, you can peck at my ear until the cows come home. Deal?”

Chuck fluttered his wings happily and chirped. "Deal! C’mon guys, let’s go! Last one there’s a rotten egg—Right, Bernard?!?" he teased, flying off towards another part of the maze.

Bernie scowled. "I told you not to call me that! Get back here!"

As they flew off, Discord sighed, and Azure hung back, shaking his head. He looked to Azure and Teeny. “Look after those two featherbrains, hmm?” They nodded. “Alright, good. You guys will get extra dessert then. But please, go do that favor I asked of you. Thank you. I appreciate it.”

Smiling at Discord and giving Fluttershy excited looks, Azure flew the direction the others went, though he went slower so Teeny could keep up with him as she jumped through the hedge. And they were gone.

Discord sighed, relieved. “Finally, we’re alone! We can have some peace before we go,” he said, tying Fluttershy’s hair off and then rubbing her velvety soft ear again. “Then I’ll take you to the center.” He conjured up a mirror. “Here, take a look at your hair and tell me what you think.”


Welcome back home.

How to Ride a Werewolf 








Now remember, a lady rides sidesaddle, NOT astride. Your mother would be in hysterics at the very idea that a daughter of hers would ride a werewolf astride! Why, next you’ll be showing ankle…


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