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Discord couldn’t stop smiling because Fluttershy seemed happy with everything he was doing for her, and helped keep her from shivering in fright or crying. “You’re welcome, my dear” he replied when she thanked him for the headphones. “Keep them, a gift from me. Just think of whatever it is you don’t want to hear and it will block it out.”

"Thank you, thank you," he whispered when Fluttershy clapped, a scene too adorable to comprehend. He gave a slight bow, a top hat appearing on his head, which he took off with a flourish.

Discord read Dumb-Bell’s note and snorted once more, but decided he was bored with writing notes and just kept an eye on the pegasus. He watched as he suggested that they do “something else” and had to keep himself from hissing at the pegasus.

But that turned from hissing to trying to stifle a fit of laughter at Fluttershy’s adorable innocence and Dumb-Bell’s complete failure at trying to start a kiss-fest with her, secretly relieved it didn’t work. Why, if he tried to kiss her with that disgusting mouth of his, he would—!

But not only did he fail, but Fluttershy turned and gave Discord another piece of popcorn. “Oh. Would you like another trick, my dear?” He grinned at her, and took the top hat from earlier in his claw, the piece of popcorn in the other.

"Observe, Flutterdear. A single piece of popcorn." He threw it into the hat, and tipped the inside of it towards Fluttershy’s vision. "You only see one piece, do you not? There’s just one piece, not a kernel more, right?" He watched her nod.

"Well then, presto chango, make more popcorn-o!" He swished the popcorn spirally around the inside of the hat, and the popcorn split into two, then three, then six, then twelve—popcorn was flying everywhere! And then all the pieces landed one on top of the other, making a straight line. Discord then stretched out his tongue lengthwise with the tower of popcorn, rolled his tongue back up like a chameleon’s, and ate the entire thing.

He heard Dumb-Bell snort. Discord really didn’t like this guy, and hated the look in the pony’s eyes. He knew Dumb-Bell was up to something. He felt it was only right to let Fluttershy know.

"Fluttershy," he whispered. "I’m glad you enjoy the tricks, and I’ll be happy to perform more for you, but before that, I must tell you: Dumb-Bell isn’t thrilled by my presence at all. You realize he wants to be alone with you, do you not? He…" Discord stroked his beard, trying to be delicate with his words. His Fluttershy was very innocent. He didn’t want to ruin that. But surely telling her a little would be alright. "He believes this to be a date, my dear…He may try to…to get closer to you. You must be careful. Don’t let your guard down. I am fiercely protective of you, dear, but I know you can protect yourself. Ponies may think you’re helpless, but you aren’t. If he does something, anything at all, don’t be afraid to take him down a notch. Do the Stare if you have to. Hit him, if it’s the only way. And…If you really are in danger with nothing left to do, if you really need help from anything at all, be it a stallion forcing himself on you or a headless horse…Just call out for me, and I promise I’ll hear you, no matter where you are, and I’ll come for you.”

He waited for a reply, hoping she would understand what he was trying to say.

Fluttershy smiled and nodded enthusiastically at Discord’s presentation, his smile more endearing than anything to Fluttershy.  She had completely forgotten about the movie and was focusing on his trick. ”Th-thank you!  I don’t know what to say Discord!”  Fluttershy gasped, putting her hooves on the headphones.  Seeing Discord finished his trick, Fluttershy happily clapped her hooves together.

Fluttershy was slightly confused at Dumb-Bell’s frustration, but decided that it was best to not bother.  She was more than happy to fetch another piece of popcorn.  Letting out a startled gasp at the popcorn suddenly splitting, she giggled as she watched it continue quickly, and clapped her hooves as Discord was more than happy to eat the popcorn.  Fluttershy was about to offer Dumb-Bell a napkin that came with Discord’s popcorn when she heard Dumb-Bell snort again.

Hearing Discord whisper her name however, Fluttershy quickly forgot the idea as she turned to Discord with a small, “Yes?”  On her lips.  Hearing Discord’s words, Fluttershy’s brow furrowed as she couldn’t help but feel sad that the two couldn’t seem to get along.  Fluttershy smiled and tilted her head as she saw Discord struggle for words, “Yes?”  She asked, not knowing what he was going to say.  Hearing his words, Fluttershy nodded her head, “Oh no!  This isn’t a date!  He said that it was just an apology!”  Fluttershy insisted.  Hearing Discord’s words, Fluttershy’s face paled slightly as her eyes widened, “But Dumb-Bell wouldn’t hurt me!  And I know you’ll always protect me…”  Fluttershy looked down with a small smile, “But he told me that this was an apology is all!”  Fluttershy placed a hoof on Discord’s claw.

"I would-?!"  Dumb-Bell sat slack-jawed as Fluttershy’s words weren’t a whisper as Discord’s were, and Fluttershy had forgotten he was there.  "How dare you!"  Dumb-Bell snapped at Discord, leaning over Fluttershy’s armrest.  "Dumb-Bell please-"  Fluttershy whispered, but he quickly waved his hoof, "No!  He said that I would hurt you!"  Dumb-Bell snapped, Fluttershy pressing back into her chair.  

"H-He didn’t mean-"  "Oh yes he did!  He’s been suggesting all night that I’m worse than him!  Me!  Can you believe that?”  ”I-”  Fluttershy stuttered.  ”If anypony-  Oh I’m sorry - If anymonster is one to talk of course it’s him!”  ”Dumb-Bell please don’t insult my friend’s! Discord-”  ”How can you call this thing your friend!?”  Dumb-Bell spat, Fluttershy cowering slightly.  ”B-Because we’re frie-” “Oh please!  What does he have that I don’t!?”  Fluttershy backed up in her seat, tears in her eyes, “I don’t-”  ”Is it his magic?”  ”No I-”  ”Is it his power?”  ”No! I just don’t-!”  ”Is it-?!”  Fluttershy began crying covering her ears and hearing….


Not a sound.

Dumb-Bell moved his mouth but she didn’t hear anything come out.

"Wh-what?"  Fluttershy asked, confused as to how his voice could simply no longer be heard.

"I said is it because he’s in love with you?!”  Dumb-Bell shouted, causing several movie patrons to shush him.

Fluttershy felt her cheeks go on fire, and let out a soft, “N-no.”  Fluttershy felt her ears go down and the headphones shift on top of them.  Fluttershy’s eyes widened as she realized what had happened.  ”Discord likes me?”  Fluttershy thought with slight shock.  She nearly turned to look at him until she remembered what he said about the earphones…

"I-I’m so sorry!"  She gasped, Dumb-Bell raised a brow, "What are you talking about?"  Fluttershy realized that Dumb-Bell either didn’t know about the headphones, or he didn’t know what had happened.  Fluttershy looked down before she looked back up, "I wasn’t listening… Sorry…"  She apologized, blushing madly at the thought of…  "Does Discord really like me?"  Fluttershy wondered to herself, her hooves close to her chest in a steel-iron grip.

Discord was just about to reply to Fluttershy’s insistence that it wasn’t a date and that Dumb-Bell wouldn’t hurt her. He was going to say that while she didn’t think so, he was certainly acting like it was, and that Discord just wanted her to be careful, just in case.

But the words never came, because Dumb-Bell decided to interrupt. He watched as Dumb-Bell’s eyes raged with anger, his face contorting into a vicious scowl.

Discord kept trying to get a word in, but Dumb-Bell kept yelling, and Fluttershy kept doing her best to protest. Dumb-Bell’s voice just kept growing and growing, so much that the other moviegoers were glaring at them all. Discord gulped, but soon forgot his nervousness as Dumb-Bell made Fluttershy more and more upset.

Discord laid a claw on her shoulder as she started covering her ears and started to cry. Discord growled at Dumb-Bell. “Shut up, you little—!” he started to say, until Dumb-Bell opened his mouth.

"Is it because he’s in love with you?!?!?"

Discord froze, and he felt as if Dumb-Bell had activated a freeze-ray on his heart, or lungs, or both. He had trouble breathing.

But Fluttershy didn’t seem to hear him, and Discord then realized: the headphones. She didn’t like the sound of his angry yelling, and was subconsciously using them to drown out his words.

Discord heard the shushing, but didn’t register that he should perhaps do something about it. He was just thankful….She didn’t hear him. She didn’t hear him! Oh thank Celes—

"Wh-what?" Fluttershy stuttered.

And then the idiot seemed to fill out his lungs as much as possible and shouted for all the world to hear: “I said is it because he’s in love with you?!”

Oh no…Discord thought.

He looked at Fluttershy, who seemed confused and deep in thought, but found himself relieved that she didn’t seem…well, disgusted. Or horrified. That was better than anything.


Am…Am I really in love with her? He’d never experienced such a thing before. But…He had gotten jealous seeing the two of them together. He loved life the most when he got to see her. He was willing to do anything to keep her safe and happy. She was pretty much the…the light of his life…

Dear Sweet Celestia…he thought, secretly in shock. It was true. As much as he hated to admit it…Dumb-Bell is right.

He shook his body, wiggled it out, getting these thoughts out of his head. It wasn’t the time for revelations. He decided to let Dumb-Bell in on the secret before he yelled at her even more. “Mr. Bell, she didn’t hear you because of the headphones. I gave them to her to block out the movie, but I magically enhanced them to block out sounds she didn’t want to hear, so she could select what she hears.” He slit his eyes at him menacingly. “And she doesn’t like being yelled at. Which you have been doing. All. Night.”

At that point, a theater employee pony came up to them. “I’m sorry, but we’ve been getting numerous complaints on the noise in here,” he said. “I’m afraid we’re going to have to ask you three to leave.”

Before Fluttershy could break out a string of worried apologies and Dumb-Bell could burst into another furious frenzy, Discord nodded. “Yes, yes, of course. Terribly sorry, sir. We’ll be out in a…”

He snapped his fingers, and the three of them were suddenly outside the theater, under a few streetlights. “Snap,” Discord finished, smiling at his wordplay. He looked around. The roads were pretty empty, as the theater was showing the final showings for the night, and it was evening when most ponies were home and businesses were closed.

"There, we’re out. Now…" He turned to Dumb-Bell and raised a fluffy brow at him. "I know, Mr. Bell, you want me to leave as soon as possible…But I just want to clarify that I was simply giving Fluttershy a bit of advice in general. I never said indefinitely that you were intending to harm her. I only worried, since you seem to run on a short fuse, which of course, I am no stranger to. You’re more than familiar with my past, obviously. I won’t deny it. Yes…I did horrible things."

He took another step closer to the pegasus. “But it seems you don’t have a crystal clear past either, Mr. Bell, and I’m not sure I’ve heard an official apology for your past transgressions. I’ve apologized for mine. Where’s your sorry? Hmmm?”

He waited for an answer.

"And another thing…." His face suddenly grew hot, and found that his eyebrows had suddenly burst into flame from the heat of his forehead. "Oh, one moment…" He licked a thumb and forefinger on both paw and claw, and smoothed his eyebrows out, the fires going out with a pssssssshhhht. Smoke coiled away from him. “There…” But his face still burned terribly, and he was wondering if he was actually blushing. Really? He couldn’t believe it. The Lord of Chaos, blushing? Inwardly, he cursed at himself. Sheesh. But he continued. “I do not like it when others speak for me…Especially when its an assumption of…” Suddenly his heart increased in rate. “Of how I feel…for somepony else.” He averted his eyes away from Fluttershy and focused on him. “So don’t do it. I’ll speak for myself, thanks.” He continued to glare. He knew he should leave, but…Fluttershy was having a hard time with her emotions. And…And…

I don’t want you alone with him. I want you with me.


luigi doodles because my brother got dream team omg


luigi doodles because my brother got dream team omg


Hm?  Something’s starting on Monday?  Sorry, that’s the future. Why would I worry about it before it’s even here, silly!

Falling asleep every night being scared that you won’t achieve anything in life.  


- is exactly what being young adult feels like.


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