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Hi, my name is Kaitlyn, but most people call me Katie, and my dad calls me Tater. I like all kinds of things and think too much! Therefore, this blog is about what speaks to me, what I like, and my thoughts...Tater thoughts!

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Handfans by Sylvain Le Guen.


True love brings out the best!
remake of [x]


if i worked at a sperm bank, every time some guy walked in i’d say things like get a load of this guy

I am different.


miss me please


To Be Amongst Butterflies 26/52 by Kate Kinley on Flickr.


PE doesn’t stand for physical education. it stands for public embarrassment 

flynn rider + character development

  • me: *wakes up* ok time to study
  • me: *takes two hour nap* ok now forreal
  • me: *draws five pictures* ok now forreal
  • me: *watches two episodes* ok now forreal
  • me: *blogs for an hour* ok now forreal
  • me: *takes another two hour nap* ok now forreal
  • me: *gets calculator and paper* ok now forreal
  • me: *eats nine bowls of frosted flakes* ok now forreal
  • me: *makes a post on tumblr* ok now forreal




Things I thought about on the bus today